Hey All. I'm Davina. I write, draw, and make a variety of art. I love interacting with different people and hearing their thoughts. Please share your thoughts! DM me on my socials for any questions you may have. So far everything is in the works, so I dont have much to offer here.

A bit about me: I'm 20 years old and use gender neutral terms. This site will consist of my personal art work and my other businesses. I create a wide variety of art including paintings, collages, clothing, and many other things. I have a bit of a crow like personality and end up with more random junk than I can handle. Luckily, this supposed junk can be used to make some pretty cool stuff. I also write short stories and poetry. I'm working on some longer stories but my life is pretty busy atm so I dont have much writing time. I enjoy working out, music, art, video games, esoterica, history, animals, and nature. I enjoy variety and learning as much as I can about the world around me. If you check out my site, please drop a fun fact in the guestbook. I would love to hear from you.


Included are my various shops and links to my more explicit content. Please note that this is not just "selling feet pics", but a way for me to combine performance art with erotica. I do this to create a sexual fantasy that is both hot and enjoyable to watch. I'm sick of porn with girls who just scream as they get their ass blasted by some faceless dude. Sex is fun and creative. It's something that we should take the time to enjoy, not commodify. If that doesnt interest you, feel free to ignore it.

Donations are always appreciated! Please check out my shops and different donation sites. I make special content for my subscribers and offer monthly events for tiers 3 and up! Shipping is free for subscribers with a monthly code. (Coupon code only valid once [1] a month with a valid email address)